Captain Bart

Guard Captian of Arvendale


A backwaters, rag-tag guard captain. His terribly kept leather armor and rusting short sword speaks for itself. He’s got scraggly, scruffy stubble and a thinning face. His short, messy brown hair implies that he’s not one for being concerned with his appearance. Also, his attitude screams that he’s passed his prime and compensates for this with his whimsical and sometimes questionable orders he gives the rest of his men.


Guard Captain Bart is the man in charge of the small regiment of town guards in Arvendale. He tends to keep his opinions to himself and is almost always suspicious of people he doesn’t know. Travelers who pass through Arvendale don’t normally have the misfortune of dealing with him and his guards, but if they do something strange or out of the ordinary he’ll definitely know about it and be on the scene investigating it seemingly instantly.

Captain Bart

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