Student-Kensai Fencer

A senior student of the Kensai who is known among them for his loyalty and discipline.


Fencer is a young man in his late teens. He’s very fit, physically, and has a perfect posture, never slouching. He respects everyone who exerts fair authority over him and is in the position to do so. He’s very conscious of his moral decisions and does his best to do the right thing, although he’s still young and often gets confused as to what that is, or the deeper reasoning behind why you must do something questionable to get the the greater good.


Fencer is a senior student-kensai as well as the son of the Ravenheim blacksmith. He decided to join the kensai as a way to build strength for his future trade as well as a way to kill time when he had nothing better to do. Shortly after joining he began to respect his senior members and instructors and taking his teachings very seriously. Fencer is known for being one of the most “by-the-book” loyal kensai. He never strays from the teachings and his discipline is unrivaled amongst his peers.

Student-Kensai Fencer

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