Welcome. The information contained within these pages are known as The Chronicles of Aehrtara. Before diving in, however, it’s important to understand the traditions and culture of the region where it all began.

It started on a peaceful mountain, known as Mount Padengeist, in a city near the summit known as Ravenheim. The city has been isolated for centuries from the outside wastes, protected by a “Veil” which is held together by a relic from the past known as the veilstone. Ravenheim, having no real use for currency, traded in a barter system. Every family in the city of Ravenheim is in charge of some aspect of city life or some service to the city.

Outside the city, on the slopes of Padengeist but still within the veil, live the mysterious forest folk. The people of the forest were peaceful and “to themselves” as long as anyone in the town could remember. In the recent year, however, they have become more active and more aggressive toward the people of the city and the city itself.

Thus it begins, and our story unfolds…

Chronicles of Aehrtara

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